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Hotel Müller - Kyllburg - Eifel

Das nette Haus für nette Leute

Hotel Müller Kyllburg Eifel · Mühlengasse 3 · 54655 Kyllburg · Tel 06563/96960 · eMail: · GPS: N 50° 02´ 29" - E 06° 35´ 28"

On Saturday 19.05.2018 the big Kyllburger outdoor swimming pool opens.

Eifel bicycle offer

Eifel with your bike:
Consider our midweek special monday till friday four nights just 111,00 EURO per person in double-room invluding fine breakfast. A single-room will be 125,00 EUR theese four nights.

Your friendly Eifel bicycling touring Hotel Müller Kyllburg.

Driving bicycle in Eifel and bed&bike-hotel

Cycling in the Eifel Mountains

Eifel-Radtouren: Mit dem Fahrrad nach Rom

Driving bicycle routes in our mountains is nature pure.
Kyllburg is ideal point of starts to your roundtrips through the southern Eifel, river Mosel und Luxembourg.
The valley of river Kyll invites you to drive the route "Kyll-Radweg" in two or three days from the spring at Losheimergraben to Trier, stopping in our hotel, okay?

Another good idea ist overnight in our hotel an start the first day of cycling in city of Nettersheim. Following the river Urft, climbing one mountain and following the river Kyll you´ll have 70 exiting kilometers cycling. On your way you´ll see nature, romans, castles and a lot more.
Your secound dayx will be the tour from Kyllburg to Trier following the river Kyll till its way in the river Mosel. 45km.
The Kylltalradweg is an very good condition.
From/to Nettersheim and Trier you´ll use the German Railsways, they are following the Kyll too..

Our service

 Logo: Bett und Bike

We are member of German bicycle foundaition ADFC program "bed & bike" and offer:

  • modern and clean rooms with shower/wc, some with balcony
  • breakfast
  • dinner 12,00 Euro
  • lunchbox 7,00 Euro
  • dryer, if there is something wet
  • free garage for your bicycles
  • small tool-service if your horse is on strike
  • fire-place room with self-service bar
  • Bikers Bistro at river Kyll
  • partyroom with kicker
  • guided tours

Eifel E-Station

All our guests we offer to charge their batteries in e-bikes and pedelecs, hybridcycle like a "gas-station". It´s free, meanwhile you´re sitting in the bistro for an coffee or wine.

Same service ia good for electric-cars. We hope to see Hotzenblitz, Kewet, Twike, Citroen electrique and more...