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It’s unbelievable:
going on vacation and travelling in Germany has become quite reasonable compared to other European countries. Good prices for drinks and meals make Germany very attractive for a great vacation.

By the way, a very interesting combination for your stay here in the Eifel is fishing and golfing. You will find very nice and hilly golf courses in the Eifel.

Fishing in Kyllburg/Eifel / Fishing in the Kyll River


The Kyll river is the longest river in the Eifel area. With its romantic and diversified flow from North to South, the Kyll river offers promising angling between Hillesheim (North of Gerolstein) and close to Ehrang where the Kyll fows into the Mosel river. This does not only apply to fly-fishers! The upper reaches of the Kyll river represent an excellent stretch of water for salmon fishing – clear waters can be found starting at 53 river kilometres.

Systematic Stocking
Since there is an abundant occurrence of minnows and common gudgeons (the forage fish for salmon), trout can develop magnificently in the Kyll river where brown trout and graylings are native.

Eifel Trout Fishing
The rainbow trout has been acclimated successfully. The river lessee must contribute 20% of the annual lease for stocking of trout – which of course is a great benefit for the anglers. At the Kyll river, the typical prey for fly-fishers are trout and graylings in the sizes between 30 and 45 centimeters.

Fly-fishing at the Kyll river
Most Kyll anglers limit themselves to fly-fishing with the dry-fly even though it is allowed to use other artificial lure in certain parts of the Kyll river. The best time for fly-fishing is springtime. After the snow melt, the Kyll rises to high water. Popular flies are Rotschwanzpalme, Märzbraune-Steinfliege and Montana in the sizes 12 to 18. We suggest a fly rod with classification 5 or 6 with the right swing for insect imitation.


Please don’t forget your mudflat pants and boots! The Kyll river shores are pathless in many places. The biggest fish lurk especially under sunken trees and overhanging bushes. They can be reached well from the water. If the dry-fly is ignored, one should switch over to nymph or wet-fly.

Angling is possible in the communities of Malberg, St. Thomas, Zenscheid and Kyllburg. (source: city of Kyllburg)
Please have a look at the local fishing terms

You will find a wonderful article about angling in the Kyll river on the Eifel-Fischer website (in German); the anglers themselves warn interested people to read about this subject. Attention: you might get hooked!

Anglers are welcome!
The Hotel Müller in Kyllburg wishes all anglers “Petri Heil” (good luck when angling) and all nature friends a wonderful stay in the Kyll valley. Stop by and see us!

Ample Rest and Relaxation?

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With lots of luck, you can even catch a Hommingberger Gepardenforelle in the Kyll river!